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We work with internationally known brands from Netherlands - Dancelife and the UK - Crystal Clover(the leading brand in dancewear and fabric), to provide you with top quality products at affordable prices. Dancelife Shoes are guaranteed to be flexible and light. Feel free to come down to our shop to try our products! 

Ladies Standard Ballroom Shoes

DANCELIFE Standard Ballroom Shoes for ladies are covered shoes that comes with or without a strap across the shoe. Choose your heel height, strap position and material of shoe. Click on the picture to find out more!

Ladies Latin Shoes

DANCELIFE Latin Shoes for ladies are open-toed shoes. Majority are made from satin and are of a darker shade of colour as compared to Ballroom Shoes.

Men Standard Ballroom Shoes

DANCELIFE Standard Ballroom Shoes for men comes in black leather and patent leather. We use top quality leather to provide maximum comfort and control. Full soled and split soled shoes are available to suit all ballroom dancers' feet. 

Men Latin Shoes

DANCELIFE Latin Shoes for men comes in black leather. All our shoes have sleek designs and provide maximum support. We use a softer leather as compared to the ballroom shoes because of the requirements of the latin dances. Our shoes are extremely flexible, comfortable and light. Try it to believe it!

Practice Wear and Accessories

We carry a wide variety of practice wear at our shop ranging from basic designs to fashion clothing for dancing. Brands we offer include Dancelife Asia Pacific, Chrisanne Clover and various imported Dancewear. Besides practice wear, we have off the rack ballroom competition dresses and accessories for sale. Visit our shop to find out more!

Kindly contact : 93628097

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