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The Best Place To Dance in Singapore

We are located at 44 Pasir Panjang Road, Block G, Singapore 118504 .


This private bungalow studio features a huge dance space that has one of the biggest floors to dance in Singapore. Equipped with top quality sound system and a professional DJ console, the atmosphere is like no other in Singapore. The whole dance area is covered with a brand new multi-level sprung floor. 


Industrial strength air purifiers are placed around the studio to ensure the air is clean for your breathing comfort. The studio is also cleaned daily by professionals to ensure the highest level of hygiene.

We can host a variety of events, dance rehearsals, workshops or parties.

Contact us for a no obligation quote!

Bailemos studio main.jpg
Daily Practice & Floor Usage

Dancers can look forward to dance on a multi level sprung floor, one of the most comfortable floors to dance in Singapore. This dance studio is fully equipped with top quality sound system, air conditioning, ceiling fans, camera stands and mirrors. No cutting of corners in this studio, quality and hygiene is always the top priority. This is definitely one of the best places to experience dance!

We are open daily for practice and open to all types of classes, kindly contact us for more information.

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Practice Nights


Be it social dancers or competitors, beginners to professionals, we welcome dancers of all levels and backgrounds. The aim of this studio is to be a home for all dancers to enjoy dance and to improve together.


Come join us at this magnificent studio and experience dancing in one of the biggest dance space with the best ambience in Singapore!

Small studio.jpeg
Medium and Small studio


For smaller scale practice, we have a medium and small studio which gives you all the privacy you need. They are equipped with mirrors, a ballet bar and ceiling fans. There is a designated standing speaker for the smaller studios so you do not have to worry about sharing of music with the main studio. There is also a whiteboard available for your use. Furniture in this area can be rearranged so you can maximize the space to suit your needs.

Changing room.jpeg
Front seating area.jpeg
For Your Comfort & Convenience

We have a changing room before you enter the dance area. A seating area is available if you need to wait for your transport, pickup can be right at our door step. For those who drive, there is ample parking just outside the studio. A water dispenser is also available to fill your bottles after a good dance session!

studio schedule.png
Bailemos Studio Availability
Dark red sections are exclusive bookings. Schedule is not final, and subject to changes

**According to guidelines given by the government, we adhere to the maximum capacity allowed in our premises, kindly contact 87220715 to confirm availability, and to book your timeslot in advance before heading down to the studio

We look forward to seeing you at Bailemos!
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